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ATTENTION– ALL MEASUREMENTS IN THIS VIDEO ARE IN FEET, NOT INCHES, SORRY FOR THE ERROR!!! How to make a simple and easy giant hood in ten steps. IF you ha…
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  1. Altitude Aerials says:

    Good on your dad for teaching you how to use those tools to diy. I’m loving your Falconry channel! Please keep it up. How about some diy Jesses, bewitts, anklets, create for the next episodes?

  2. RakuenIV says:

    I’d be wary of a wooden giant hood as damp/decaying/rotting wood can house Asper spores. The more you clean it, the damper it gets and the increased chance of asper.

  3. 71drew says:

    Looks like an easy build.

  4. Marshall Davis says:

    Another nice “how to”. I like how you have done the air vents.

  5. 71drew says:

    Sorry, inches, did you mean ( ‘ ) for feet.

  6. 71drew says:

    (“) is for inces

  7. KirbySmith100 says:

    sweet, weres the bird inside it!?


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